Dear Parents and Students,

CFC Academy is extending the remote learning plan for Monday, March 30 until our administration deems feasible and safe (per government mandates) for students to return.  Our goal is to ensure that all students continue their learning while school is not able to physically meet. The learning will take place virtually using student textbooks, worksheets, and videos. All assignments will be aligned to the current units or focus on reviewing content previously taught. Each subject (grade) teacher will communicate expectations with all students regarding accessing and completing the assignments. Students and parents can assess the daily plans by clicking on the grade level and the date that the student is working remotely.

Please follow online daily teachers’ plans throughout the time that the school is participating in remote learning. Any work required by teachers to be turned in electronically must be done based on the teachers’ instructions.  All other work is to be brought to school on the first day that the school resumes. Any work not received from students to teachers, as defined per the plans will receive a zero for the assignment and absence for that day. All work received per deadlines will be graded for accuracy and completeness.

Please remember that teachers are available per phone or email, Monday through Friday

(9am to 3pm) to assist with any questions pertaining to the lessons. Some students have left their instructional books at school that must be picked up on March 27th or 30th.  Teachers will communicate what books they left and their location for pickup.

 Thank you for all you are doing to assist CFC Academy students avoid a learning slide during this time. Our desire is to provide the support and materials that you need to continue to provide quality instruction via online remote instruction. We continue to remain committed to providing quality education for your children.

Please stay tuned for more info.

Videos for any Abeka lesson is available online:
 Online Lessons to be Completed:

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K – 4th Grade

5th – 8th Grade



Monday, March 30th – Friday, May 22nd